Tracoe Mini

Soft, thin-walled and dimensionally stable PVC-tracheostomy tube

Tracheostomy tube features

Our proven Tracoe Mini tracheostomy tube is a soft, thin-walled and dimensionally stable PVC-tracheostomy tube. The neck flange has a bevelled bottom and large eyelets. It comes with the practical ring obturator and a soft children’s neck strap. There are 12 different sizes of Tracoe Mini tracheostomy tubes: 4 for neonatal and infant use and 8 for paediatric use.

Length variants

Since children’s anatomy changes rapidly due to their growth, we offer – in addition to the well-thought-out length concept for standard sizes – different length variants of the Tracoe tracheostomy tubes for kids. The length of the tube rather than the size grows with the child. Many length variants are available from stock.

The obturators

The practical ring obturator is included for the standard lengths of Tracoe Mini. The ring-shaped grip ensures that tubes can be inserted safely, despite their small size and different materials. The large ring opening allows for quick removal.

The shapeable obturator for the length variants of the Tracoe Mini is fitted with a transparent cap. The cap prevents the attachment of other aids or, for example, a breathing tube.

Extension piece

A proximal extension piece (REF 356) suitable for the Tracoe Mini tubes is available.

Technical specifications:

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